The Online Learning Platforms of 2022

With the growth of mobile devices, the Online Learning Platforms of 2022 will be more flexible and mobile-friendly than ever. They will also have offline access to content, so you can learn even when you are not within WiFi range. Some will allow anyone to sign up for their courses while others will only accept courses from qualified professionals.

The Online Learning Platforms of 2022


If you’re looking for an affordable and quality online learning platform, Coursera is the right choice for you. The company offers courses prepared by 200 world-renowned universities and companies. You can take a program in just one day, and there are nearly 4,000 courses available. Coursera allows participants to expand their professional skill set, or focus on personal enrichment. For example, they have courses in computational thinking, music, and wellness.

Coursera also provides certificates from top-level universities and companies. These certificates are just as valuable as a college degree, and employers will respect them. These certifications are a great way to broaden your knowledge in your field and demonstrate your aptitude in it.

Coursera is not a replacement for traditional college courses, but it’s a great option for busy professionals. The online courses are free, and the universities sponsor the content. Some colleges even offer financial aid for higher-level courses. You can enroll for free or pay to earn a recognized professional certificate.

While Coursera’s price plan can be a little confusing, you can still access thousands of courses without paying a dime. The free courses don’t earn you a certificate, but you can still access the same content and enjoy the learning experience. The cheapest Coursera courses are called Guided Projects, and they are easy to follow with step-by-step videos.

Khan Academy offers almost four thousand courses. These courses cover a wide range of subjects, including technology, business, computer science, and data science. Other courses include math, language learning, arts, and humanities.


If you’re looking for an online education platform that will help you get the job of your dreams, Udacity might be the place for you. It offers over 200 free courses and collaboration with leading companies and professionals. Students complete a Nanodegree program and receive a completion certificate. The courses are designed by industry leaders and professionals. They also have a career service where you can ask for career advice.

While Udacity is not a recognized educational institution, their certificates are highly valued by corporations and other organizations. Since Udacity partners with companies in the technology industry, their instructors are highly-qualified experts in their fields. In fact, Udacity has a feature where you can see the companies that have partnered with them. You can also find out about the instructors who teach a specific course.

After signing up for an account on Udacity, you can access the programs offered. Then, you can learn more about the instructors and their backgrounds. You can enroll in one of the many online programs on Udacity. Each course consists of ten to twenty minute segments of learning. The courses also include quizzes and projects.

Udacity’s curriculum is structured to be more complex as you move through the program. Each lesson builds on concepts learned in previous classes. By the end of the program, you will complete a series of projects, which you can compile into a portfolio or upload to GitHub. These projects are required for graduation. In order to graduate, you need to apply the lessons you have learned and follow the instructions. If you pass all the requirements, you will be granted a certificate.

While Udacity’s front page is very generic and lacks standout features, it is incredibly informative and easy to navigate. It also offers a list of popular courses and partners. Users can also read reviews and learn more about the company.


If you’re looking for a great online learning platform, Skillshare might be it. Its 35,000 courses focus on creative skills and offer the option to take them for free. The courses range from 20 minutes to an hour long. You can also choose to purchase subscriptions or team subscriptions for groups of 20 or more.

Skillshare classes are composed of short, prerecorded videos. The videos are generally 30-60 minutes long, and each lesson is broken into two to three minute segments. There are three major categories of classes: arts and crafts, computer science, and business and lifestyle. A single course can teach you a new skill or teach you how to improve an existing one.

The subscription pricing plan is reasonable. If you are interested in using Skillshare for business purposes, you can purchase Premium Membership. This plan will give you access to all courses, and also provides access to a number of discounts on other sites. Premium membership will cost $144 for a year.

If you’re looking for an online learning platform, Skillshare may be a good choice. It offers a free version, as well as a subscription plan that will give you access to thousands of classes. Premium subscribers get access to additional courses and offline viewing options.

Skillshare is a video-based online community that lets you take online video classes at your own pace. It offers an enormous variety of subjects and skill sets, making it a perfect launching point for a new career or hobby. The classes are structured like traditional online learning courses, but with some cool features built in.


The BitDegree platform is a cryptocurrency-based online learning platform, aimed at delivering quality education for students worldwide. It uses machine learning, blockchain technology, timestamps, and social interaction to provide an engaging learning experience. Students can learn about a wide range of topics through gamified courses. The platform is also focused on enabling communication between students and instructors. Its goal is to create an experience that is seamless and rewarding for all participants.

BitDegree has a number of courses that are highly valuable for career advancement. It offers courses in web development, game development, graphic design, and programming. These courses don’t come for free, but BitDegree offers various scholarships for those who need them. In addition, students can apply for a discount coupon and enroll in a course for a lower cost.

Courses are relevant to industry requirements today. Qualified instructors from across the world teach the courses. The platform also provides gamified learning experiences, transparency of achievement tracking, and a focus on finding a job after completing the course. Unlike the university model, BitDegree focuses on providing a secure job after a student completes a course.

The platform offers more than 250 courses, allowing students to learn at their own pace. They can even build real-life projects and test their knowledge. The company offers two subscription plans – $14 per month or $20 per month. The platform features thousands of bite-sized challenges for students to solve. This makes BitDegree a great option for people looking to learn in a fun environment.

Litmos is another excellent online learning platform. It offers a comprehensive learning experience for businesses of any size. However, the courses may not be relevant to everyone, so Litmos is geared toward companies that already have their own courses.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that puts video-oriented courses at the forefront of the online learning experience. This subscription-based platform features more than 16,000 courses in seven languages. Courses are available for both beginners and experts and are offered in a variety of topics. The content is curated by instructors with industry experience and is available for offline viewing, too.

Courses are broken down into different categories based on the subject, software, and learning path. The main landing page lists some of the most popular courses as well as their sub-headings. If you are a student who wants to complete a specific course but is on a tight budget, you can browse through a few sample videos and choose one based on your interests.

LinkedIn Learning also has a 30-day money-back guarantee on individual courses. The platform also offers different subscription plans. The courses are not necessarily accredited but they do offer a range of learning options for every budget and need. Moreover, the certificates are not based on an accreditation, but they serve as verification of your knowledge.

For those who are interesting in writing and want to improve their skills, LinkedIn Learning offers video courses. The platform has a search feature where you can search for tags and get a list of related videos. There are two basic pricing options: you can subscribe for a month or pay one-time access to all courses. The subscription costs $30 a month and allows you unlimited access to all videos.

The platform also offers a custom learning path that caters to specific skill sets. You can also choose from over 5,000 courses. Courses are deliver in short videos and include a community component. Courses can also be view offline.

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